The Law Numbered 7409 Amending the Attorney’s Act and the Turkish Code of Obligations entered into force through publication in the Official Gazette dated 11.06.2022 and numbered 31863. With the provisional article that has been added to the Turkish Code of Obligations dated 11/1/2011 and numbered 6098, increases in annual rent fees in residential lease agreements that are renewed between June 11, 2022 and July 1, 2023 have been limited to 25 %. If the rate of change in the consumer price index of the previous rental year is below twenty-five percent compared to the twelve-month average, the lower rate of change shall be applied as the rent increate rate. Also, with the amendment on the Attorney’s Act, provided that it does not hinder the legal intern’s internship, working as an insured employee in any work will no longer prevent the legal internship. With the exception of judicial and administrative judiciary judges and prosecutors and candidate judges and prosecutors, those who work in staff or positions of public institutions and organizations can also do legal internships during their duties.

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