In the line of the measures and restrictions imposed throughout the country due to Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), the presentation for encashment of the cheques of which the presentation period falls on between 30 April 2021 and 31 May 2021 (including these days) has been postponed to 1 June 2021 and thereafter, by a Provisional Article 3/1/A added into the Law on the Amendment of Some Laws No. 7226 and dated 25 March 2021 by the Article 15 of the Law on the Amendment of the Tax Procedural Law and Some Laws published in the Official Gazette on 30 April 2021.

The procedures and principles with regard to the application of the said provisional regulation on the postponement of the presentation of cheques have been determined by the Communique issued by the Ministry of Trade (“Communiqué”) published as well in the repeated version of the Official Gazette on 30 April 2021. You may find our publication on the Communiqué in the link below.

Postponement of Cheques Presentation Periods

Following the repealment of advertising ban on Pinterest, the advertising ban decision given by the Information Technologies and Communication Authority on Twitter had also been repealed.

The repealment of ad ban – Twitter


The Remote Work Regulation, which determines the works that cannot be done remotely, the application of business rules concerning the protection and sharing of the data, the procedures and principles of the remote working was published in the Official Gazette. You may find our publication regarding the regulation from the link below.

Remote Work Regulation

Celal Oraj Altunörgü decision of the Constitutional Court dated 12.01.2021 and numbered 2018/31036 was published in the Official Gazette dated 05.02.2021. The aforementioned decision is important in terms of the effect of the determination of the non-business use of the equipment allocated within the scope of the business relationship and the protection of personal data. You may find our publication regarding the decision from the link below.

KKHukuk_Constitutional Court Decision_05022021


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