Tennur Koyuncuoğlu has pursued justice and has been against all forms of discrimination throughout her life. She was a lawyer and a writer, who had followed all the intellectual developments regarding gender inequality, made significant contributions to them, and as can be understood from her works, devoted her life to women’s rights.

The “Atty. Dr. Tennur Koyuncuoğlu Educational Grant for Female Students” project was created with the belief that the most meaningful way to preserve her name would be to support girls who are trying to reach knowledge and education even under difficult conditions.

At the initial phase, our grant will be given to a very limited number of female students residing in the eastern regions of Turkey, where access to education is more difficult than in the western regions, during each ten-month education period, starting in September 2021.

The knowledge and guidance of people living in the local region will be decisive in appointing the students who need support.

We set out on this path with the values that Tennur Koyuncuoğlu brought up and sustained, and we are of the belief that we will reach more girls every year.